Is a way of adding text or images to a book, box or binder. Heat is transferred through an embossing die or metal type which is pressed into the cover.

Is the material used to put a colour into an embossed image or text.

Embossing Plates:
Embossing plates are thick metal plates which are laser cut to match a particular image or piece of text that needs to be reproduced onto the cover or spine of a book, box or binder. Artwork to produce an embossing plate needs to be a black / white PDF. Once an embossing plate has been made it will last for thousands of impressions. We can hold your plates here on your behalf or they can be returned if requested.

Metal type that we hold in stock for putting lettering onto books, boxes or binders. Our 2 main fonts are Times Roman and Gill Sans.

Blind Embossing:
Is embossing with no colour foil, just the impression of the image or text.


Section Sewing:
Is a traditional way of sewing books. Multiple pages are folded in half and sewn along the fold of the pages, this makes them very strong and able to open flat.

This is the material that is used in the construction of cases, boxes and binders and is used for making hard covers. Most books, binders and boxes are made using 2.25mm box board. Ours are made using 3mm High Density Grey Board.

Post Screw Binding:
Single sheets bound together using removable screws which will allow you to change the contents.

Wiro Binding:
A way to bind single sheets using a round wire for easy turning.

Case Binding:
A term used for books with a thick hard cover with the book attached to the cover by the use of endpapers.

Are sheets of paper folded in half and attached to the front and back of a book. These are then used to stick the book into the cover.

A linen cloth on a paper backing especially designed for the book and box making industry.

Faux leather:
A man-made leather look product.

A linen cloth which has been impregnated with acrylic to make it waterproof and hard wearing.


A5 210x148mm
A4 297x210mm
A3 420x297mm
A2 594x420mm

When the binding edge is the short edge.

When the binding edge is the long edge.