Debossing & Embossing

Debossing and Embossing are techniques which add depth and dimension to your product.

A deboss creates an impression of text or an image into a cover; whereas an emboss raises said text or image away from the cover’s surface.

Debossing and embossing can be performed ‘blind’ to create a textural different with a subtle colour change.

Case binding

Our bindery is well equipped to handle a broad variety of case binding. The team has experience with a wide range of materials, from cloths and buckram, to leather, wood and acrylic. Many finishing techniques can be applied to your book, such as foiling, silk screening or even laser etching, to create a stunning, unique end product for you.

Singer sewing

Singer sewing is a great method for binding books and brochures that have a small page extent. We hold a large selection of coloured thread to either match corporate colours or to make the sewing a stand-out feature. Singer sewing can be on the side or along the centre fold of the book.

Layflat binding

Layflat binding is a revolutionary technique which allows print to flow seamlessly across a double page spread. Books lay completely flat once opened, which allows the text and images to flow across pages without being interrupted by the joint of printed sections. This binding method is perfect for displaying images at their full potential. Our staff here are more than happy to assist you and talk you further through the process.

Laser cutting & etching

We have a dedicated laser cutting department which uses the most up-to-date software and techniques. We can create many items such as foam inserts for box sets and packaging, as well as engraving/cutting a seemingly endless list of substrates such as wood, acrylic, and leather. Our in-house design team can help you produce stylized products that really catch the eye.

Foil blocking

Foil blocking is a method used to reproduce artwork onto a substrate. This is performed by using a metal die and heat to press a foil onto the surface.

Along with traditional gold and silver, R.S. Bookbinders offer a wide variety of colour embossing in metallic or matt finishes. We have three in-house foiling machines which enables us to keep up with the demand of this very popular and elegant finish.

Die cutting

From cutting unique page shapes, to complicated 3 dimensional cut outs, RS Bookbinders offer a completely bespoke die cutting service.

Perfect binding

We also offer hotmelt perfect binding from 1 to 2000 copies and can bind up to a size of A3 portrait or landscape. This technique is ideal for fast-produced, simple and effective paperback books.

Section sewing

We have a brand-new Smyth F55-L section sewing machine. With its quick setup and extremely large signature binding size of up to 520 x 550 mm, this machine makes it ideal for the ‘Book on Demand’ and oversized book markets. This feature is particularly appreciated in the production of property and high-end presentation publications.

Gilt edging and colour book edging

We can offer traditional gold and silver gilt edging to add a touch of elegance to your book or, if you require a more modern twist, we can offer coloured edging using ink.

Dummy/prototype production

We have been producing dummy books & presentation materials for the publishing trade for over 20 years. We supply dummies/prototypes to any size or page volume. We can bind plain paper text with plain white art paper or matt/gloss laminated covers as a blank canvas for you to work on. Alternatively, we can use printed proofs for covers or text.

Clamshell boxes

We offer a set of standard sized Clamshell boxes in our shop, these can be personalised with names or logos to create a beautiful box with your personal or company details foiled on the lid. Alternatively we can make bespoke sizes and shapes that make sure you get an exact fit. Laser cut foam can be added into your box to add that luxury feel.


Our slipcases can be made to any size with a vast scope of finishing techniques and materials, and are a fantastic accompaniment to books and binders. If you are searching for something to elevate your item above the competition, as well as offering it great protection, then look no further.

Ring binders

Along with our other ranges of binders, we also offer traditional ring binders. With a multitude of resources at our disposal, we are at your service to produce something that really stands out from the crowd. There are plenty of options to explore, such as materials, sizes and type of ring mechanism, to create the exact bespoke solution that you require.

Innovative finishing techniques

We specialize in creative, out-of-the-box solutions and are more than happy to explore options to find the best way of producing unique and innovative products for you. With our wealth of experience and knowledge, we are the perfect partner to transform your ideas into reality.

Wiro Presentation Binders

Wiro bound or post screw bound documents can be smartly presented in a handmade, bespoke cover. Simply slide the back sheet into the pocket at the back for a simple yet elegant way of presenting your document.


Wiro binding covers for standard paper sizes (A3, A4, A5 etc) can be purchased in a range of striking colours and materials online. They can also be made to any bespoke size to suit your project.


We can print and bind your documents as either loose leaf to fit in to one of our Presentation Binders or as a book. We use the most up to date software to paginate for book in to sections ready for section sewing. We will provide you with a professional printed document with your pages sewn in as a case or soft bound book. Minimum 10 copies.

PUR Binding

PUR is the strongest, most flexible binding adhesive available and is ideal for creating stunning books on a tighter budget in comparison to alternative binding methods. When coatings or digital print toners are present in the spine area, these can compromise the strength of typical hotmelt perfect binding; however, PUR adhesive cuts through these problems, giving a strong and reliable bind every time. We are equipped with a brand-new Morgana 300 PUR binding machine with which we can bind B3 Landscape or Portrait, and make books with either soft covers or case bound finishes.